Yes, we’re breaking the first two rules – but Fight Club 3 is on its way from the author of the original book, Chuck Palahniuk and will once again force the Narrator and Tyler Durden together.

2015’s 10-issue Fight Club 2 series was a rip-roaring success that saw the Narrator (now calling himself Sebastian) hunt down his own son after Tyler Durden had him kidnapped. Fans of the original book and iconic movie thought that a sequel would simply be a cash-cow, but the story was mind-bogglingly brilliant. (We covered it in our digital magazine, which you can find here). And now Chuck Palahniuk is following it up with a third instalment with Dark Horse Comics.

The series will see Tyler Durden and the Narrator (now known as Balthazar) having to team up when Marla falls pregnant again. It’s not the Narrator’s child though… It’s Tyler’s. That’s not good. Yes, creating franchise out of a book that was famously very against capitalism and huge companies making money of individuals – we got the point. But since Palahniuk’s original follow up in 2015 was wacky and weird in the best way possible, it would be a lie if we pretended not to be excited for this. With the announcement, Palahniuk also teased what reader’s can expect to see from the follow up;

Fight Club 3 is about what happens when you need to team up with your enemy. And the situation is even more complicated here, given Tyler Durden and Balthazar’s unique relationship. And, yes, bodily fluids will be exchanged.

 If that wasn’t enough to get you excited, here’s four variant covers from Duncan Fegredo, Kirbi Fagan and David Mack.

The first of 12 issues is set to debut on January 30 from Dark Horse Comics. Looking forward to Fight Club 3? Let us know on Twitter @HeroesDirect.

Source: EW


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