Catwoman: Election Night #1 feels very relevant right now.

It’s a little on the nose – but this comic deals with the election of Penguin for Mayor, who wants to ‘Make Gotham Great Again’. Read into that how you will. And whilst over the years Catwoman has toed the line between villain and anti-hero, she’s sways to do good throughout this issue. It’s a nice change of pace from some of the huge storylines across DC Comics right now – bringing it a little closer to home is a nice touch. Especially given that we get a rare insight into Selina’s life growing up.

The writers tie in Selina’s childhood background into the main storyline in a nice way – but again, it’s hard not to read into the story with the current state of political events. But to say that her background flows nicely into a revelation further into the issue, it’s a clever move. Catwoman: Election Night #1 plays out more like a story about espionage and corrupt politics rather than a superhero/vigilante story. And we’re not complaining. It’s intelligent, heartfelt and a riveting read. Although, it’s not afraid to get gritty in surprising ways throughout the course of the issue.

There’s an appearance from everyone’s favourite ‘World’s Greatest Detective’; Batman. He helps out in Catwoman’s investigation into Penguin and his schemes to “build a wall.” Yeah, we weren’t kidding when we said it’s got an obvious political message. Whilst Penguin isn’t really given anything thoroughly interesting to do, he’s a good choice for the villain of the issue. Especially given things that are happening on Gotham right now. It’s that kind of synergy between comics and tv shows that proves that DC know what they’re doing. Overall, Catwoman: Election Night #1 is a great read, and provides an interesting look through the eyes of Selina Kyle.

8.9 A great read
  • Political Message 8
  • Plot 8.9
  • Selina Kyle 9.7

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