The Red Skull believes that he and Captain America are on the same side, an even sent Steve to assassinate Baron Zemo, who was vying for control of Hydra… but the Skull’s last rival didn’t die with Zemo. Steve Rogers is secretly plotting with Dr. Erik Selvig to kill their master, believing that Hydra can’t reach its true potential with the Red Skull in charge. But killing a man who possesses the telepathic powers of Charles Xavier is no easy task.

This comic is in two parts: there’s flashbacks then there’s current proceedings. The flashbacks offer a solid narrative for readers than provides a look into the past of this new, darker Cap and why he acts like he does.

Red Skull is still pretty damn menacing (and enjoyable), even though he’s preparing to take over the world in typical Nazi fashion. Cap isn’t having that though, he wants to take him down to deliver his own version of Hydra upon the world.

There’s no action in this comic. There’s a huge amount of narrative, monologue, and plotlines to get stuck into, but nothing visual. There’s a thick portion of story to get through which is a treat, and there’s a promise of a big battle at some point. This is the start of a new, fascinating, and thrilling arc.

8.2 Great

A surprising Marvel villain returns in this thrilling new issue, but it's the strong and compelling story that really sells it.

  • Lack of action 4
  • Storyline 9
  • Return of Zemo 9
  • Flashbacks 10
  • Artwork 9

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