So far, the main storyline of Captain America: Steve Rogers sees Red Skull attempt to make Hydra great again. Using Kubik, a cosmic cube, Steve’s memories has been reconditioned and he believes he’s a double Agent for the evil organisation. He’s made some interesting decisions so far, but where will the story go from here?

The issue starts strong as we see Steve take on Red Ghost and his sidekicks – a quick side note, we’re surprised we’ve not seen more storylines that sees Steve toe the line on the sides of good and evil since he’s a super soldier (who acts like a spy at times.) We basically see Steve beat the shit out of gorillas; it’s a bloody and unapologetic bloodfest that we’re shocked to see from this character.

Steve sees Hydra as a good cause that has been corrupted by thugs who preach blind hatred and intolerance. The story dances around the main plot by introducing a huge amount of smaller stories, ultimately messing with the pacing of the story. We see a whole lot of stuff that doesn’t seem all that relevant to the story at hand, including Thanos Vs. Captain Marvel, War Machine, Kobik and the Thunderbolts, Rick Jones, Quasar and more. We understand that it’s a Civil War II tie-in, but it really gets shoved down your throat at times.

In all honesty, we feel as if Captain America: Steve Rogers is lacking in direction, mystery can work but only for so long. Eventually, Nick Spencer will need to get to the point and speed up the storytelling a bit before readers fall asleep. We have a little idea as to what this Captain America is about, so now the plot needs to pick up pace and stop being a drag on what started out as an interesting premise.

6.0 Alright

Captain America: Steve Rogers #4 is a weirdly-paced bloodfest that shoves Civil War II down the throats of its readers.

  • Premise 9
  • Pacing 3
  • Artwork 7
  • Civil War II tie-in 5

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