Sam Wilson isn’t the only Captain America that Marvel are publishing at the moment; we’ve got our hands on the first issue of Captain America: Steve Rogers and it’s actually pretty damn good. Staying close to the events of the Avengers: Standoff run, the issue mainly serves as a reintroduction to characters we all know and love, and sets the stage for future proceedings.

Steve is back as his young self, and it’s Sharon Carter who’s aging and struggling because of it. You’d think it’d get old seeing Rogers regain his Captain America handle to deliver some American justice, but it just doesn’t. This run, so far, isn’t just a Cap comic, it’s an ensemble piece comprised of some of the best characters that you’d associate with him.

The biggest mark that was made on us after reading this though, was Red Skull and his iteration of Hydra. The evil organisation has been reimagined for the current day and is moulded around modern day politics and agendas. They’re now a terrorist organisation who recruit corrupted young guys by feeding their insecurities. This Hydra is much more sinister than past versions we’ve seen purely because it’s more relatable to the times we’re living in, and the story is much richer for that alone. Zemo seems a bit of an arse, but the bad guys were fleshed out wonderfully besides him.

Captain America

The artwork is nothing short of amazing, Jesus Saiz is a master and is very expressive in his art, making for plenty of wonderful panels. The action in the issue is well-paced and the high amount of detail included really paints a picture in terms of the emotion of the story at that particular moment.

Let’s quickly the end reveal – you know, the one that broke the Internet. So, Steve Rogers unforeseeable uttered the two words you’d never, ever expect to come from his mouth: “Hail Hydra”. No, we can’t see this lasting too long and we’re sure it’ll be explained soon, but we actually love the idea of the star-spangled super soldier being a member of an evil organisation.

Have you read Captain America: Steve Rogers #1? If so, what did you think? Will Steve actually be a part of Hydra? Let us know!

8.3 Hail Hydra

Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 finishes a great first issue with a shocking twist.

  • Hail Hydra 9
  • Artwork 8
  • Storyline 8

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