The last issue of Captain America: Sam Wilson saw U.S.Agent and the Americops strike down on the title character in an attempt to “take back the shield”. Will he give up his heroic identity? Probably not. And definitely not without a fight.

Issue #14 is one of the more tense instalments in this series, and that’s saying something. Sam and Steve Rogers team up to resolve a situation including a Flag-Smasher, but Rogers’ secret motives as a Hydra Agent starts to affects Sam. Steve’s agenda should be to stop the Flag-Smasher, but really he wants to set Sam up for failure.

Steve’s underlying villainous tones and motives make for a fascinating and captivating read. Sam does what he can to save the day, but everything is going against him and the public no longer believe in him. It’s deflating for the character. It’s an interesting development for Sam, that’s for sure.

Things don’t look great for Sam at the moment, but he shines in this storyline – and so do the team working on the comic. The artwork is impeccable and the story itself is unforgiving. “Take Back The Shield” has been great so far!

9.0 Awesome

Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers team up in the latest Captain America issue, though the underlying villainy of Steve doesn't let up.

  • Sam and Steve 9
  • Steve's underlying villainy 9
  • Artwork 9

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