Here’s a quick introduction to this series: it’s a throwback to the old school Luke Cage we all know and love. That’s all you need to know! He’s speaking in his old lingo, he’s wearing his classic yellow outfit, and the storyline is plucked straight from the era he was created in.

This issue picks up from Issue #1 with Cage waking up after being kidnapped. He breaks out of the wooden box he was squeezed in, because “nobody cages Cage”! This book is a silly, cartoonesque adventure that is clearly banking on having a long run – because literally, all he does is run in this issue. When he inevitably gets tired, he runs into flowers with hallucinogenic pollen that sends him into a trippy, psychedelic state. There’s a minor cliffhanger, is the figure he’s seeing real or just a figure of his imagination?

This comic is a silly, cool book that would probably work best as a Sunday morning cartoon. Just something to plonk on for your kids as you read the paper and chugg coffee. Nonetheless, it’s a lighthearted and simple read that takes you to another place for a little bit. If you’re craving Marvel nostalgia, look no further. If you’re looking for a compelling and gritty read with a strong storyline, try elsewhere!

7.5 Good fun

Luke Cage is on the run through a not-so-concrete jungle.

  • Artwork 9
  • Nostalgia 8
  • Storyline 7
  • Slow burn 6

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