The Gadflies, a.k.a. sisters Nina and Georgie, were the most reviled anticorporate criminals in the galaxy – until a terrible betrayal forced them to destroy their identities and go off the grid. Now they’re bounty hunters, wanted criminals, and flat broke. The crew was trying to turn in their latest bounty, Oscar, but a gang of mercenaries got in their way. This review’ll be a non-spoilery and rather brief one.

The main characters – who we’ve grown to love over the course of the four issues – are put through lots. There’s so many twists and so much going on at any one time, you’re constantly on your toes. It’s a tad scrappy in places, but that’s not an often occurrence. But when it does occur, the art helps.

Touching on the art, we’ve been a fan of the vibrant and energetic style since we first laid our eyes on it. The characterisations are on point, the characters all feel larger-than-life and each have their moment to shine in the issue.

The story is strange in a way where it feels relatively straight forward, but at the same times it’s hectic. The adventure and thrill never stops and there’s always something going on. Even the more finer, personal moments are met with chaos in their own way.

Overall, this issue keeps to the standard set by the previous instalments (which is pretty damn good.)

8.1 Good

Bounty keeps up the high standard in Issue #4.

  • Art style 9
  • Story 8
  • Plot development 7
  • Characters 8.5

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