The Gadflies, sisters Nina and Georgie, were the most reviled anticorporate criminals in the galaxy – until a terrible betrayal forced them to destroy their identities and go off the grid. Now they’re bounty hunters, wanted criminals, and flat broke. But things are starting to look up: they’ve captured their latest target, a dangerous criminal named Oscar. And, for better or worse, they’ve captured the attention of Sovereign, the most popular bounty hunter in the galaxy!

This issue delves into the past a little bit while driving the plot forward a small amount also. Things never seem to go well for the Gadflies and their team but they always maintain high spirits: this helps drive the story along at exciting pace, and their positive outlook and relentless effort to make the most of their situations is great.

The story is a contrast of light and dark. The characters that act out the story each have their own bright spots and have glowing personalities, whereas the occurrences and plotlines are typically bleaker. It’s a nice contrast that come together as an impressive final product.

The artwork is as colourful and futuristic as ever, keeping up the high standard set in the first couple of issues. The characters are drawn amazing – just take a look at the broad stature of these strong female characters – and the colours used are vibrant, delivering a bright interpretation of the future.

We understand the story focuses on two bounty hunters, but we’re holding out on more happening than mischief with bounty and their inevitable escape. It’s fine for the moment, but we can’t see it holding in a long run.

8.3 Good

Bounty's characters remain bright in a future full of darkness.

  • Characterisations 9
  • Artwork 9
  • Story 8
  • Plot development 7

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