Bloodshot was the perfect living weapon, a nearly indestructible killing machine brainwashed and sent on hundreds of brutal black-ops missions by Project Rising Spirit. His life was one of unending violence until he broke free of his corporate masters.

On a mission for MI-6 to stop a terrible threat known as the Immortal Enemy, he met Kay McHenry – a powerful mystic known as a Geomancer, Kay was struck down by the Immortal Enemy, but in her final moments, she stripped the nanites from Bloodshot’s body.

Powerless, Bloodshot assumed a new identity. Calling himself Ray Garrison, he met a young woman named Magic and they fell in love. But their tranquility was shattered when P.R.S. recaptured Bloodshot and imprisoned him on a desert island, where he was hunted – and executed – everyday by a mysterious creature known only as Deathmate.

Bloodshot discovered the former Geomancer, Kay McHenry, had been turned into Deathmate by P.R.S. With this knowledge, he teamed up with The Bloodshoot Squad – outdated Bloodshots from wars gone by – to defeat Deathmate and escape in a makeshift raft. Enter Bloodshot U.S.A.!

Ninjak comes to the rescue of the Bloodshot squad after they’ve been on the raft for over a week – the virus has spread in New York and he needs some assistance. Livewire’s on the scene to fend off the Bloodshot clones/drones, until she gets infected herself – this’ll cause some trouble for Bloodshot in later issues, no doubt.

There’s a big twist in this fascinating issue, and it’s that Ninjak too gets infected. He slices Bloodshot’s noggin off in one literal swipe of his blade, and it’s crazy. How will Bloodshot and his squad stop all of the these powerful beings? Surely it has to be by stopping P.R.S.

Either way, this issue is a good jumping on point for new readers. The whole story of setup in a simple and straightforward way so anybody can get up to date in no time at all, and the art is wonderful so that’s a bonus. Are you a comic fan who’s new to Bloodshot? Read this. Are you a big Bloodshot fan? Read this. It’s that simple.

9.0 Awesome

Valiant starts a brand new comic for Bloodshot, carrying on from the Reborn series. It's pretty damn good so far.

  • Bloodshot squad 8
  • Ninjak and Livewire twists 10
  • Storyline 9

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