This issue moves at a much slower pace than its predecessor, and rightfully so. Focusing on the aftermath of the huge fight against Zeke and rescuing Shuri, Black Panther #8 is a character-centric and poetic instalment.

The Crew disassembles (unfortunately), but it allows Black Panther to have an awesome conversation with Luke Cage, Misty Knight, Eden, and Storm. Seeing these heroes together was incredible, and it leads into T’Challa’s preparation in retrieving Shuri from the Djalia. As always, this is a risky and potentially lethal venture, but T’Challa’s a hero, of course he’s going to give it a go.

We’re going to ruin the ending of this issue but leave out just how it happened: Shuri has returned from the Djalia. This nicely brings together her arc with that of T’Challa’s, and proves just how selfless the leader of Wakanda really is.

These touching character moments are complimented and brought to life wonderfully by the artwork. Sprouse’s art strives in these delicate, concentrated moments, so slower stories like this result in some of his best work.

8.5 Great

Black Panther #8 slows down the pace to deliver on defining character moments and touching actions.

  • Story 9
  • Artwork 8

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