This month in Black Hammer we spend time with Col. Weird into the para-zone. This is a mind-trip, hallucinogenic issue that bares no respect for reality. This feels reminiscent of the work by the legendary Steve Ditko on Doctor Strange, and that’s a compliment of the highest order. This comic is an amalgamation of every great comic before it, and it works wonderfully as you flick through and discover a hint of something new.

Col. Weird is weird for a reason, and it’s down to the para-zone – it’s definitely had an effect on him, both mentally and psychically. It helps you to understand the character and why he’s the way he is, and you somehow learn to empathize with him. This run by Jeff Lemire is incredible as you learn about a character without them hogging all of the attention. When they’re on the page, Lemire makes sure it’s worthwhile. Every. Single. Time.

Issue #5 concludes the first arc of Black Hammer impeccably, and it may just be one of our favourite first arcs to any new comic ever. The artwork and story compliment each other more than 95% of the other comics on the market do, and it’s impressive there’s a sense of reliability with these characters who are going through such surreal situations.

We know a lot about the main roster now, so where will the book go from here? We have no real idea, but we’re excited nonetheless.

9.7 Incredible

We spend time with Col. Weird in Issue #5 of Black Hammer, and it's full of inter-dimensional fun.

  • Storyline 10
  • Characters 10
  • Artwork 9

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