Black Hammer is the latest project from the great Jeff Lemire, and Dean Ormston has been tapped to bring the comic alive with his artwork. Let’s just say these two could be the new dream team. Before we even read the book or knew what it entailed, we was excited for this series. It’s a golden age superhero story, following an odd “family” of retired superheroes who were presumed dead after saving their beloved Spiral City from the biggest villain of all, the Anti-God. Not everybody survived though, a hero known as Black Hammer surrendered his life for the greater good.

Black Hammer is a refreshing and exhilarating take on a golden age story, introducing their world over the course of this debut issue. As previously explained, they’re all presumed dead – but the journalist son of the late Black Hammer is dedicated to proving their existence. This story combines silly names with intense action and incredible storytelling: everything there is to love about a comic book. Black Hammer promises plenty of shocking stories to learn and plenty of twists along the way. The tone is grim and dusky, like the literal aftermath of a superheroic battle.

Each character already feels fleshed out, but there are so many character developments to be made – and one thing we’ve noticed is that each interaction adds value to the story or helps you understand the character and what they’re about. This comic is crammed full of dialogue and it’s nothing short of excellent. The artwork manages to build a world that cradles the narrative to perfection. Each character looks like they’ve been through a tonne of shit, and they all seem worn out – making it even more desirable to know what’s lead them to this point in their lives.

This comic is a breath of imaginative air and is fascinating from start to finish. We cannot wait to indulge further in the world of Black Hammer in upcoming issues, and it’s a series we’ll be recommending to our friends. Give it a read, and let us know if you feel the same!

9.8 Impeccable

We cannot fault Dark Horse Comics' Black Hammer. Jeff Lemire is a genius.

  • Fresh take on golden age superheroes 9
  • Storytelling 10
  • Dialogue 10
  • Artwork 9.5
  • Characters 10
  • Potential 10

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