Great Lakes Avengers

The revival of the Great Lakes Avengers is definitely, without argument, one of Marvel’s best moves of 2016. The ridiculous characters and zany script make for a ridiculously entertaining and unique comic. Match this with expressive and beautiful artwork from up-and-coming artist Will Robson and Marvel are onto a hit. We can only hope that this series continues through 2017 and beyond!

Black Hammer

Black Hammer is a golden age comic from Dark Horse Comics, and it’s nearly perfect. We follow a set of heroes-in-hiding in a dark, gritty world – character development unravels every single issue and even when they’re just sat on a farm, it’s still unbelievably fascinating. The story is written by Jeff Lemire so it was destined to be great, but he really outdid himself on Black Hammer.


He’s been the butt of pop culture jokes for decades. But Dan Abnett’s new treatment of the Atlantean King brings us a hero that slots perfectly into a realistic political nightmare. The real-world approach shows us a whole new dimension to the character, and the action is second-to-none. Ever had doubts about Aquaman? Read the DC Rebirth run. Ever loved Aquaman? Read the DC Rebirth run. Keep your eye on the writer, Dan Abnett – he’s someone DC can really boast about.


How do you humanize a family of android synthezoids? We have no idea, but Tom King has the key. This comic is based on the family drama of the Vision, his wife, and his two kids. What follows is incredibly shocking, enjoyable, eye-opening, and intense. We’ve not connected with another set of characters as much as this in 2016, so it’s only right that Vision lands on our short list.

All-Star Batman

Batman. Two-Face. Roadtrip. That’s the essential bones of the plot. It’s relatively simple, but undoubtedly impressive. The series develops both of the main characters with an intimidating skill. Be warned though, it’s a no holds barred, brutal fight to the finish. It’s masterfully written by Scott Snyder, who blends the brilliant plot and character development simultaneously. And then there’s the art. The story is gloriously brought to life by John Romita Jr. His artwork grabs you by the throat and drags you along for the ride. Don’t miss this.

Black Panther

Black Panther’s currently under the control of Ta-Nehisi Coates, so expectedly this comic is poetic, masterfully-crafted, and easy to read. Wakanda, the nation T’Challa rules, feels like a character in it’s own right: that’s how good the script is. You really get a feel of the environment and the setting of the comic. This makes every conversation more intense and every battle more important, especially when the fate of Wakanda relies on its king.


Faith is the break-through character of 2016. Valiant’s hero is a larger-than-life female who takes no crap. She’s surprisingly relatable and deals with situations with as much caution and thought as a normal person. The situations she finds herself in are definitely not normal, but that’s what makes this comic so fun. We’d recommend Faith to non-comic readers as a gateway!


Did you ever think you’d be interested in a parable about the trials and tribulations of Hollywood? No? Neither did we until we read Glitterbomb. It follows failed actress Farrah, as she becomes something otherworldly after a moment of desperation. What follows is genuinely shocking, intriguing and downright entertaining. It’s message about Hollywood culture isn’t so subtle, but that’s the point. It’s a modern classic horror story, and it undoubtedly deserves to be on this list.

The Flash

An intimidating new villain, an existential crisis and the return of Wally West, the Rebirth run of The Flash continues to be one of our most anticipated releases. The introduction of Godspeed was fantastic, and it’s clear Joshua Williamson knows how to write a stellar story (He’s currently writing the Justice League vs. Suicide Squad comics). The Flash has been bold, exciting and thrilling as a series. We can’t wait to see where it leads.


How do you bring Peter Pan and co. into the 21st century? Just ask Stephanie Salyers and Dylan Mulick from 451 Entertainment. NVRLND is their brainchild and we loved every minute of it. It’s fantastic to read. Seeing where all these classic characters fit into the 21st century is hard not to enjoy. The standout character? The villainous Captain Hook, of course. It’s a twisting turning tale that isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of storytelling.

We can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store for us. If the past few months are any indication – there should be some fantastic releases on the way. What were your favourites of 2016?


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