Batman Beyond: Rebirth #1 reignites Terry McGinnis.

For anyone not familiar with the character, this is the perfect starting point. The previous solo series was occasionally a little bit hit-and-miss, but this is definitely a step in the right direction. Given that his solo series started using time travel and bringing characters back and forth – this is the perfect Rebirth. It acknowledges that all of that happened – but it keeps to it’s own story. It’s a fresh start for all these well loved characters. It also takes the time to explore Neo-Gotham a little more as an entity. With the Jokerz pushing their territory further and further, it’s becoming a little more dangerous for Gotham Citizens. And that’s where Terry comes flying in, literally.

The actual plot sees Gotham plagued by the gang of Joker wannabe’s, now that they have their own ‘Jokerz Town’. And whilst it’s slightly annoying that the writers have relegated Dana to a damsel-in-distress role, it’s good to see that they haven’t forgotten about her. Although her part in the story leads to a very intriguing plot point, that we won’t spoil just yet. But fans of the animated series and it’s feature film can probably guess where it leads. It certainly makes a bold decision that’s for sure. Whether this will have an immediate pay off is yet to be seen.

Batman Beyond: Rebirth #1 does a perfect job of introducing new readers to the character and what he’s about. The issue dips it’s toes into the main plot for the rest of the solo series, but doesn’t give too much away. It’s a welcome return to the return of Neo-Gotham. It even manages to delve into the relationship between Terry and his brother, Matt. So all in all, this is one of the better Rebirth titles to come from DC Comics, and we can’t wait to see what they do with the solo series from here on out.

9.0 A great start

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  • A perfect re-introduction 10
  • Plot 8
  • Cliffhanger 9

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