Batman Beyond #2 skimps on Terry McGinnis, but brilliantly provides Bruce Wayne.

For a story centred on McGinnis and his brother, this instalment doesn’t feature him all too much. Instead, it’s more of a story about an ageing Bruce Wayne and his final fight with The Joker. Supposedly, anyway. Although we can’t say we’re complaining. We get a look at a Batsuit reminiscent of The Dark Knight Returns (Or Batman v Superman), and it’s certainly formidable. We haven’t seen much of The Joker in the recent Rebirth run, so witnessing his brutal assault on Gotham is certainly entertaining.

The rest of the story focuses on The Jokerz attempting to revive their fallen idol from the dead. Because the world always needs a Joker. Although, our only problem with the revival is that there doesn’t seem to be an actual reason behind it. Other than the obvious plot devices of Terry attempting to stop Terminal from doing so that is. But the villain himself doesn’t particularly have a compelling reason other than idolising him. We’re intrigued to see if he actually manages it – that would certainly be one hell of a way to change up the dynamic of the series. But we wish Terminal was a little bit more of a three dimensional villain.

Terry’s part in the story, albeit a little minimal, was very slick. His appearance in the final few pages was genuinely quite brilliant once the audience is made aware of it. Overall, Batman Beyond #2 is actually a very good issue considering there isn’t much of the eponymous hero himself in it. Whilst this is largely down to a brand new story featuring Bruce Wayne, we loved McGinnis’ entrance in the finale. This series is showing a lot of potential, and could end up being one of the best in the Rebirth run. Keep your eye on this one.

9.0 Awesome
  • The Joker v Batman 9.9
  • Plot 9.2
  • Terry McGinnis 9.5
  • Terminal's lack of reason 7.5

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