Batman Beyond #15 sees Rewire and Tim Drake finally face off.

Whilst we feel that the story has been a little inconsistent lately, Batman Beyond #15 was an action packed thrill ride. Although if you were to jump in at this level, it would prove mighty confusing. It’s worth noting that Tim Drake is an excellent Batman. He proves just as formidable as Terry McGinnis was in the suit. It’s enjoyable to see these two brilliant characters go toe-to-toe in all out combat.

The issue’s wild card comes in the form of Spellbinder, who proves to be the devil on Terry’s shoulder. It’s an interesting dynamic, as she/it’s convinced him that he’s Rewire/Davis Dusk. So they have this weird symbiotic relationship in which they work together. it’s an odd choice from the writers, but it makes complete sense in pitting the two heroes together.

Batman Beyond #15

The art style perfectly captures the tone and feel of the classic animated series of the same name. However it still manages to retain it’s own individual artistic flair which really helps the characters jump from the page. And some of the panels are a visual treat. It’s just a shame that the comic picks and chooses when to be creative, rather than just letting it loose.

It’s an enjoyable issue, even if it ends rather abruptly. But, it’s an ending that will certainly reel you in for the next instalment.

8.3 A thrill ride.

Artistic flair and an ensuing fight go hand in hand throughout this issue.

  • Action packed 8
  • Terry McGinnis reveal 9
  • Artistic style 8

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