Batman #9 sees Bruce recruit a new team.

It starts with a horrifying tale of how Bane became the hardened criminal that we’ve all come to know. And his experience in Santa Prisca is something straight out of a horror movie. It’s claustrophobic and visually quite creepy. It gives the audience a little more context on why he lacks so much emotion and is completely driven to be as brutal and unforgiving as possible. And in an effort to distinguish himself away from the addiction to Venom – Bane enlists Psycho Pirate to give him a constant stream of brave and courageous emotions. Although, we really wish they’d come up with a better name for Psycho Pirate – it’s unbelievably cheesy.

Much to our disappointment, the story then shifts away from Bane completely – although we doubt we’ve seen the last of him. It does at least give us some kind of resolution to Gotham Girl’s transformation to the monster and back again – as we see her recuperating in bed afterwards. But it sparks Bruce off in an entirely new direction – the Suicide Squad. And it seems like he’s forming a team of his own to take on Bane. It’s a bold move from the writers, and will probably make for some interesting art in the coming issues.

It’s certainly pushing into new territory that’s for sure. Because whilst Batman’s had several run-ins with the team over numerous stories, him taking over and forming his own version is a risky but hugely captivating move. This portion of Batman #9 doesn’t particularly flow very well and is obviously just a stepping stone to bigger things. Although the issue does manage to shock and surprise the reader in a genuinely inventive way. So even though it’s not the greatest Batman issue ever, we’re intrigued to see where his new partnership leads.

8.2 A stepping stone.

It's not the best issue, but it paves the way for bigger things.

  • Suicide Squad ft. Batman 8.5
  • Plot 7
  • Bane 9

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