Batman #6 is a perfect character issue.

Gotham Girl was partially driven mad by the villain that irrevocably changed her brother – and she’s completely lost the plot. The bulk of the narrative in the issue is comprised of Gotham Girl talking to her dead brother aloud. Even when she’s stopping supervillains of all shapes and sizes, she’s still talking about why she’s doing this and what it would mean to her brother. But the key thing is this is her way of grieving. In her muddled up mental state, this is the only way she can process the idea that he’s gone.

And it really shows that whilst The Dark Knight can be one of the most popular characters on the Earth, his solo series still take the time to stop and help a grieving girl who misses her brother. It’s a huge step in character development, both for Batman and Gotham Girl respectively. It even raises the question about Bruce getting over the death of his parents via a brilliant line from Alfred. Batman #6 proves that it can still use action and villains to create a good story, but leaves room for an emotional core.

Batman #6

The end of Batman #6 tees up multiple storylines in an attempt to save Gotham Girl’s fragile mental state, including characters like Bane, Suicide Squad and Amanda Waller. It certainly has us looking forward to future issues if they’re combining the Squad and Batman on a joint story. The writing on this current series has been absolutely spot on, and we can’t wait to see what’s next. Although we can’t say that we’re keen on how much Duke has been sidelined through the rebirth series, he hasn’t really left the Bat-Cave. His parts in the story seem to revolve around being sat at the computer whilst bats is out saving the city. Hopefully he starts to become a more integral part of the plot.

9.0 Brilliant

This latest Batman series proves it can be fast, fun and enjoyable - whilst maintaining an emotional core at it's centre.

  • Gotham Girl's emotional arc 9
  • Character development 10
  • plot 8

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