Batman #5 sees the fight come to an end.

It’s an action packed issue, that will definitely appeal to fans of fast paced comic books. It also neatly manages to tie up the story that has been slowly building over the past few issues. And it culminates in one hell of a fight, Batman v Gotham. And Gotham is unrelenting, but we can’t help but feel sorry for him since he’s been brainwashed. It’s not exactly his fault. Maybe this is a dangling plot strand, or perhaps this will be followed up in later issues. Hopefully the responsibility that lies with the Pirate will be followed up.

What was great to see was Batman throwing literally everything he had at Gotham, utilising all those things that come out of conversations like “Why doesn’t he just call the Justice League?”. And it shows the sensibility that lies in the writers. It just works. Facing a threat like that, why wouldn’t he ask for help? However, seeing Gotham take on some of the members with ease and brutality in Batman #5 really outlines to the audience just how strong that the writers have made this conflicted opponent.

Batman #5

Ultimately, it’s a shame that this character has been brought in and dispatched so quickly, this is only the fifth issue he’s appeared in afterall. He had a lot of potential. But this is comics, so who knows? We liked that that the writers also took the time to develop a smaller character moment between Duke and Gotham Girl. It sounded like we’ll see some sort of relationship develop between them. Hopefully we’ll get to see her character grow a little more outside of the confines of this story. Whilst we don’t think she’ll be getting her own solo series anytime soon – it would be nice to see her away from the shadow of her older brother.

All in all, the writers do a great job of tying up this story with Batman #5, whilst simultaneously leaving it open to further expansion. We can’t wait to see what they do next.

8.7 A great read

This issue has some brilliant moments, but where will the story go from here?

  • Alfred in the Bat-Suit 10
  • Gotham's story 7
  • Calling the Justice League 9

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