Batman #22 propels ‘The Button’ storyline even further into Flashpoint, and it blew us away.

In case you’re not familiar with Flashpoint, it’s an alternate timeline The Flash accidentally created by saving his Mother. Thomas Wayne became Batman instead of Bruce, and Wonder Woman is at war with Aquaman. It’s an incredible storyline, but it was originally a one off. Or so we thought. In this issue, the Cosmic Treadmill has thrown Barry and Bruce into this timeline once again, showing that it wasn’t destroyed – but kept in limbo. It’s here that we the pair fight alongside Thomas Wayne himself, and it’s incredible.

It’s such a monumental moment for DC Comics, their fans and longtime Batman lovers. We see Thomas Wayne and Bruce Wayne fight side by side, and it’s as satisfying as it sounds. Because whilst Batman #22 is a fast paced and action heavy story, it’s well aware of the emotional aspect that they’re playing with. Both men have lost versions of each other, and it’s heartbreaking when they both realise that this moment isn’t permanent. Although that is one of the frustrating portions of the issue. The team up works so well, but it’s extremely fleeting. Batman is such a steely character, that it’s rare to see him emotional. This is one of those times, and it shows just how well written ‘The Button’ has been.

There are moments in this storyline that feel a little too ambitious, and it’s worrying that they might not be able to pull it all off. It’s still hugely enjoyable, but there are moments that do make the reader question the scale of ‘The Button’. But as well as being the emotional backbone of this story, we also get a brilliant cliffhanger away from Flashpoint. It involves the Reverse Flash, and we won’t spoil what happens – but it certainly leads off to the final issue in an inventive way. We were a little unsure about Rebirth to begin with when it first debuted. But over the past year it has proved to be hugely successful. This storyline is a genuine testament to that.

9.0 Exciting

Introducing us to something that is truly monumental in DC Comics history, 'The Button Part 3' is a riveting adventure.

  • Plot 8.5
  • Thomas Wayne + Bruce Wayne 9.5
  • Reverse Flash cliffhanger 9

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