If you’re looking for a romantic vigilante story, Batman #14 is the one for you. It’s fair to say that romance for Bruce Wayne has always been something of an elusive mystery. Most of his previous relationships haven’t exactly ended well. But aren’t the complicated ones more interesting? Well the undeniable chemistry with Catwoman is certainly one that translates brilliantly onto the page. Batman’s current run during Rebirth has been a wild ride, and this issue takes the time to stop and let The Dark Knight catch his breath, sort of.

Catwoman herself is one of the most iconic characters in DC Comics roster, and this issue allows her to flourish. And although it’s titled Batman, this story is really about Selina Kyle and the choices she chooses to make. That’s why it makes for a great read, it’s a little window into her head and how she thinks of her relationship with Bruce. And whilst the romance aspect of Batman #14 is the main plot, the sub-plot is actually cleverly portrayed and ties into their relationship towards the end. Surprisingly it also develops Catwoman as her own person rather than just as Batman’s latest love interest.

This story doesn’t take itself too seriously, and makes use of a slew of comically named villains that the duo quickly dispatch. It makes for an entertaining buffer between the sub-plot and the development of the Cat and the Bat. Usually, filler issues tend to be a little average. However, ‘Rooftops’ proves to be an interesting character arc that isn’t afraid to let it’s characters get closer than we’ve seen before. Given the dramatic few issues involving Bane and Santa Prisca, Batman #14 gives the vigilantes the break they needed. If you’re looking for some well written superhero relationship drama – this is probably your best pick.


8.9 A breath of fresh air
  • Plot 8.5
  • Romance 9
  • Character development 9.3

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