Batman #11 sees the Santa Prisca situation go a little downhill.

With the previous issue imprisoning Batman in Bane’s prison (of his own free will), we begin to see his plan unfold to retrieve Psycho Pirate. The story sees Bats in stealth mode as he and his new team stalk their prey. Mikel Janin uses a complex piece of art to convey just how maze-like the prison is. It’s an intricately drawn scene in which the narrative follows the characters over, under and through the pipes of the prison. It’s visually fascinating. It’s a unique way of carrying Catwoman and Wesker across the story that’s for sure.

Unfortunately, Punch and Jewlee are a pair of throw-away characters. Their only real purpose in the story is to play a part in the finale of Batman #11. We can’t particularly see where their part of Bruce’s plan would’ve come into play. And although they seem like Joker and Harley cut outs, they had the potential to be genuinely interesting characters in their own right. Their scene at the beginning of the issue alongside Bronze Tiger was a small but humorous piece that showed their potential. Punch certainly had a brilliant introduction in #9 that we didn’t see coming.

Catwoman is the real break out star of Batman #11. Her involvement in the finale of the issue is both cause for concern and truly shows off her character traits. She’s looking out for number one, and doesn’t have time to care about anyone else. And the final betrayal in the issue doesn’t surprise us in the slightest, but in the split second that it happens – it catches the audience off guard. It doesn’t allow the story to be too simple and allows character dynamics to shift considerably. We genuinely can’t wait to see where the series goes from here.

9.2 Brilliant
  • Twist 9
  • Plot 9.5
  • Art 9

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