Batman #1 sees our hero nearly save the day, but he’s beaten to the chase.

The Caped Crusader is immediately called into action almost from the first page. A plane is shot down by a missile from an unknown location in Gotham, and Batman jumps in to help stop the plane crashing into the city. It’s one of those issues that sees a hero selflessly dive into a situation that they might not survive. We’ve seen superheroes fight giant monsters, inter-dimensional villains and regular street crime, and each time we have faith that they’ll make it out alive and save the day. But throughout the course of Batman #1, we really get the feeling that Bruce’s actions might not be enough.

We see him attempt several different methods of correcting the plane’s downward path, and ultimately manages to guide it towards the bay. David Finch has done a stellar job of writing this story. Throughout the last half of Batman #1, we were genuinely questioning if this might be the end of Batman. The ods were stacking up against him by the minute, and Finch masterfully ramped the tension up to 10. Even more so when he starts giving Alfred instructions for what needs to happen after his death. Could this really be the end of The Dark Knight?

We won’t spoil the ending for you, but it leaves the audience on a cliffhanger that will most certainly have you pre-ordering the second issue. It’s a very fast paced issue, and it’s easy to pick up and read if you’re vaguely familiar with Batman. There are a couple of lines of dialogue that might not make sense to new readers or those that haven’t read Batman: Rebirth. But ultimately, it’s a brilliant issue. Everything about it serves the fast nature of the story. The art is dark and grungy, but then again so is Gotham.


Batman #1 reminds us of everything that we love about the hero, he doesn’t hesitate to jump into the middle of disaster and put his own life on the line. It also points out to the reader that in a world of superheroes, metahumans and aliens – Batman is just one man. But he’s quite possibly more inspiring than any of the other heroes that DC relies on. The only downside to the story, is that we’re itching to find out more on the Rebirth element of the DC Universe. Whilst this issue skips that storyline – we’re hoping that they pick it up soon.

Ultimately, this is one issue that you definitely need to read. Make sure you keep up with all the latest DC Rebirth news and reviews here at Heroes Direct.

9.0 Brilliant.

A fast paced first issue of the new Batman series, we love everything about the issue (apart fom the lack of Rebirth stuff). But you don't want to miss this.

  • Batman selflessly jumping into disaster 10
  • Fast-paced 9
  • Conversation with Alfred 10
  • Lack of Rebirth element 7

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