There’s always going to be an immense level of pressure when starting a new Avengers series – people will complain about the characters you do pick and the characters you don’t. This works for both the heroes and villains – we’re pretty damn happy with the choices so far though. Hercules and Peter Parker’s Spider-Man joins The Wasp, Thor, Captain America, and Vision, and Kang the Conqueror is the bad guy. It’s a great start for us.

The team dynamic lacks a little bit, and that can be put down to the younger characters branching off to join the Champions, it’s a shame. Instead, we’re given Hercules and Peter Parker – in which the latter really impresses us. He decides to fund the Avengers since Stark’s out of business, and he’s bloody funny throughout.

We’re not one to usually complain about this, but the art is almost too good. As in, the surrealism is overwhelming for characters of this stature and the nature of this story. It’d suit a Hercules solo story, but we’re still not sold that it matches this book too well.

The story is basic at the moment, but with Kang’s time travelling we’re sure things will be fleshed out well as the series goes on.

8.3 Great

A new set of Avengers assemble in this brand new comic.

  • New roster 8
  • Peter's funding 9
  • Team dynamic 7
  • Kang as the villain 9

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