Cheryl Blossom returns in Issue #14 of Archie, and it’s great. She thinks she’s the queen of the private school she attends with Veronica, but she wants revenge. This means being as bitchy and immature as Cheryl, but it’s entertaining. Archie’s becoming more and more like Jughead, running away from commitments and eating his own body weight. Who else could help him besides his best friend himself?

This issue feels reminiscent of a television show in a sense, it has a cinematic feel and the pacing is prompt throughout. We’re given chunks of the adjacent stories to digest instead of just one long story. This comic is really a coming-of-age story and will be most relatable for those a tad younger than us here at Heroes Direct, but we can still appreciate Mark Waid’s writing and storytelling.

If you’re a fan of typical Archie material, then this issue will hit a sweet note with you. It’s melodramatic, moody, and excellent. The story is simple and smooth from start to finish, and it doesn’t sacrifice effectiveness in terms of the script.

8.2 Awesome

Archie turns to food when things get too much for him in Issue #14.

  • Artwork 9
  • Melodrama 8
  • Storyline 7.5

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