Archie and Betty have finally repaired their months-long damaged friendship – unfortunately that came at the disrepair of Betty’s relationship with her boyfriend Sayid and Archie’s relationship with Veronica – unlike Betty and Sayid, however, Archie and Veronica were able to patch things up… but it was too little too late. After Hiram Lodge’s embarrassing loss in Riverdale’s mayoral election, he packed up the mansion and moved the family far, far away. Now, Veronica has to adjust to a new life in a new place, and Archie must learn to adjust to life back home in Riverdale, without Veronica. This issue introduces Cheryl Blossom into this crazy story.

One thing we’ve noticed in Archie recently is the lack of a real antagonist. The aforementioned name, Cheryl, steps up to the plate wonderfully in this issue. She brings a new focus to the plot that involves her, and is sure to help the story develop well for the forthcoming issues. We won’t ruin what she gets up to and just how she causes trouble for characters, but it’s great.

The fact that this comic doesn’t include super heroes and villains makes it so much more relatable, and obviously that’s always a good thing. If you can relate to something, then there’s more chance of a connection. If you can connect to something, then there’s a greater chance of you liking it. It’s simple, but so, so effective. Mark Waid continues to give us an emphasized story that still feels grounded enough to not seem completely unrealistic.

The artwork is brought by a new artist this time: welcome Joe Eisma. His style is awesome, and falls in line with other artists on the book previously, so it feels right at home. The character work and body language is on point. It’s clear that Joe Eisma knows what works with these characters.

8.5 Awesome

Archie introduces Cheryl Blossom into Veronica Lodge's life in Issue #13, and it's awesome.

  • Cheryl Blossom 9
  • Artwork 8.5
  • Story 8

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