As Hiram Lodge’s mayoral campaign threatened to end friendships and relationships, Veronica Lodge had to scramble to save face at Riverdale High. She devised a plan to form a band with Archie Andrews and enter the school talent show, hoping that it would regain her popularity.

Meanwhile, Betty Cooper was also forming her own band to enter the same contest. Both groups put on a great show, but Better emerged the real winner – at least of Archie’s affections. Little did both Betty and Archie know, Veronica and Sayid Ali – their two significant others – were watching them from the shadows. Now it’s time to do some damage control while the end of Mr. Lodge’s race for mayor looms over everyone in town.

When Hiram unfortunately loses out in the mayoral race, he decides what’s best for his family is moving them away from Riverdale – which is obviously a big obstacle for Archie and Veronica’s relationship. Archie finds some luck though as Betty presses the brakes on her relationship to help Archie see Veronica.

Mark Waid is doing a great job with this series. The comic isn’t all fun and games, and the serious tones can really resonate with the reader as some of the arcs (heartbreak, relationship drama) are relatable to all of us. It’s awesome to see Archie and Betty there for each other when they’re both going through their ow changes and tough times – we have no idea where they will go from here, and that’s a great thing.

The artist, Thomas Pitilli, has opted for a messier (albeit calculated) approach to linework – something we haven’t seen much of in Archie Comics. It suits the storyline well as relationships are scrappy and a bit shaky at the moment, so everything’s a bit out of place in the world of Riverdale. Emotions are displayed wonderfully by expert face work.

8.3 Great

It's relationship drama galore in Issue #12 of Archie.

  • Serious tone 8
  • Storyline 8.5
  • Artwork 8.5

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