Aquaman: Rebirth makes the Atlantean cool again, sort of.

The aquatic hero has been the butt of pop culture jokes for decades, ranging from simple punchlines to full blown comedy sketches on Saturday Night Live. Aquaman: Rebirth takes this and utilises it to it’s benefit. It acknowledges that people find him a little weak compared to the likes of Batman and Superman. It’s quite clever to be so self-referential, and it makes the best out of a long running joke.

But ultimately, the issue goes through and looks at how strong Aquaman actually is, and how much of the world is actually under his domain – spoiler, the ocean covers two thirds of Earth, so there’s that. The art of the issue is fantastic, with the brighter colours signifying that this isn’t a new darker take on the character – but a light hearted return. And that’s definitely the best for Aquaman, don’t keep him as a dark and gritty character. But at the same time, it’s refreshing to see a real-world style reaction to the ‘Merman who speaks to fish’. The Earth doesn’t necessarily view him as a superhero, but also the head of a rogue state. Which will certainly make for an interesting plot-point further down the road in his solo series.


The singular issue of Aquaman: Rebirth is very much a self-contained story, but it falls into a typical mistake that many superhero adaptations also hit. They have the hero fight against those with the exact same powers as him, thus leading to a typical “We’re the same, you and I” style speech. It’s something we’ve seen time and time again, and whilst it’s okay for the singular issue – we hope they don’t carry it on throughout his solo series. But unfortunately, it looks like Black Manta will be the primary antagonist if the end of the issue is to go by, so this might be the case.

Whilst the writing of the issue isn’t necessarily sloppy, it’s not exactly up to the standards set by the Green Arrow and Flash issues. Overall, it’s a good read but only leaves us slightly interested in what’s to come for the Atlantean.

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7.3 Average

Whilst we like this new optimistic version of the series, we hope that his continuing adventures don't fall into the typical pitfalls that most Hero v Villain stories do.

  • Artwork 8
  • Self-referential jokes 9
  • Atlantean v Atlantean 5

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