Aquaman #6 finally says what we’re all thinking.

We thought that the series had already hit boiling point, but apparently not. Now that Superman’s been involved, the drama escalates even further. Arthur clearly takes offence that a member of the Justice League has been called to reign him in from all the violence that he and Mera of caused over the course of their escape. And to be fair, it’s perfectly understandable. It sends out the message that Aquaman is incapable and needs someone to hold his hand throughout. And slowly the argument brews until the inevitable first punch is thrown.

Whilst the ensuing fight is visually impressive, it’s the dialogue that become the key part of the story. As Aquaman and Mera slowly but surely overpower the Man of Steel – Arthur’s true feelings about being in the Justice League come to light. And it all makes perfect sense. It’s a perfect allegory for the King of Atlantis’ image in both the world of the comics and the real world. It also makes him relatable for the underdogs and outsiders of society. How he feels being the one pushed aside from the group. Bet you didn’t ever think you’d relate to Aquaman did you?

Aquaman #6

Overall, the plot of Aquaman #6 begins to spread it’s wings bigger than the political side of the confrontation. The series didn’t stretch out that side of the plot too long, and spent enough time exploring it to become unique. The writers have really created a thoroughy interesting take on the King of Atlantis and so far, we can’t get enough.  And now that they’ve pushed Black Manta back into a position of power – it’s only a matter of time before his villainous schemes kick-start back to life once more. Although now the question remains, who framed Aquaman?

9.2 Brilliantly intricate

Aquaman #6 proves once again just how good this series is.

  • Speaking his mind 10
  • Plot 9
  • Character development 8.5

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