Aquaman #5 sees Arthur’s political drama escalate.

And when we say escalate, we mean the U.S. Government shooting everything they’ve got at the King of Atlantis. Mixing politics and superheroics just seems to flow perfectly. As many conflicts usually have political discussions gone wrong as their catalyst – the issue feels like a perfect allegory for many real-world events over the past few years. Foreign dignitary detained over fears for national security… sound familiar? The writers have been hugely clever on this title. It’s easily one of the more interesting series’ that have come out of DC Comics’ Rebirth run.

We love the unwavering diplomatic nature of Arthur throughout Aquaman #5 and the entire series for that matter. Even whilst the military are gunning for him and his wife-to-be, Mera. The writers are completely clear in the direction that they’re taking the character – he’s easily rising above the judgements and small talk made around the King of Atlantis. Although, we’re slowly becoming more interested in the actual bombing itself rather than the political aspect of the plot. So hopefully that’s where the next issue leads on to. 

Aquaman #5

We have to say, we’re loving the conductive nature of the current run of DC Comics at the moment. With characters hopping across different titles for appearances and helping other story arcs. It just feels a lot more fluid. Because most critics would ask “Why wouldn’t they just ring the Justice League or Superman?” – and DC clearly acknowledge that. It just makes sense that the U.S. Government would ask for help from another hero in a situation like this.

So far, Aquaman’s solo series has been one of the most intriguing of the current DC run – it just fits in well with our current global state in terms of politics. Whilst it’s not as lovable as other titles like Green Arrow or Nightwing – it makes for seriously compelling reading. If you like the idea of superheroics mixed with a political drama, do not miss this series.


8.8 Compelling

Whilst we're starting to want more answers, Aquaman #5 is a compelling read that mixes political drama with superheroics with ease.

  • Aquaman + Mera v The Government 9
  • Superman's appearance 9.5
  • Plot 7.9

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