Everything is coming to a head in Aquaman #14. All the plot points set up across the last several issues are beginning to converge. It’s clear that the temperature is rising and Atlantis and Arthur are running out of options. This issue strives to be a well written, action packed storyline that delivers brilliantly. It does what every comic should do, entertain – set up – hook you in for the next issue. Dan Abnett expertly brings action and depth to this story and it works a treat. It even develops smaller, supporting characters like Joanna alongside Arthur and Mera. It’s this care and precision that makes Aquaman stand out from the rest.

Our only problem with Aquaman #14 was the inclusion of the Aquamarines. Firstly, they’re bloody cool characters – weird and bizarre, but cool nonetheless. We’ve seen them twice already, teasing us with their transformations and their willingness to kill Arthur. But in this issue they’re barely in it before they’re quickly dispatched by Arthur and Mera. Given how much they’d been built up previously, we expected their fight to last over the course of two issues at least. Especially since the series previously revived the Shaggyman back for several issues – that time might’ve been better spent with the Aquamarines and their mission/fight with Arthur.

The ending of the issue bring us full circle back to Black Manta and the nefarious N.E.M.O. Whilst we get a peek into their plans for the rest of the world it’s likely that the King of Atlantis will put an end to it before they can even act. Our only worry is how this story will tie up. Hopefully it’s not rushed, because the political aspect of this series has been one of the best parts of it without a doubt. Overall, Aquaman #14 is action packed and is a worthy addition to the series so far.

8.9 A great read
  • Plot 9.5
  • Dispatching the Aquamarines 7.5
  • Character development 9.6

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