Aquaman #11 addresses the Atlantean’s problems with the Justice League.

This is the issue that clears everything up from the first arc of Arthur Curry’s rebirth. It’s a rare sight to see a hero beaten down and broken. But this issue starts with Aquaman completely defeated. He won his fight, but at a cost. His public relations with the world seem to be on the mend. It’s a great way of setting up a cataclysmic chain of events. But we’ll get to that. This is one series that takes the otherworldly aspects of Atlantis, and grounds them. How would the rest of the world react to a new country and a King with superpowers? It flows perfectly.

Once the Justice League arrive, it shows that Aquaman may have earnt everyone’s trust back. He is a member of the team afterall. We breathed a sigh of relief when Mera addresses the problems back home with the Widowhood. That plot line could have been dragged out between the two for a long time. But thankfully the pair dispel the problems quite quickly. Although that’s not to say the plot line won’t continue, there’s still an impending prophecy to deal with. Want a masterclass on how to write a superpowered romance? Aquaman #11 has you covered.

Black Manta’s plan becomes clear at the end of the issue, and it spells disaster for Atlantis…and America. It’s an interesting place to leave the story off on, and immediately grips the audience for the next instalment. The Aquaman series has been one of our favourites coming out of the Rebirth event. And Aquaman #11 is no exception. It ties up plot points, and brings in some more. It’s an issue that actually doesn’t actually have the hero do much. But it certainly solidifies his role in the DC Universe. Say goodbye to “the creepy fish guy”. And say hello to the King of Atlantis.

9.2 Brilliant
  • Plot 9.5
  • Character Development 9
  • Ending 9

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