“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”. It’s an incredibly iconic sentence, spoken by Neil Armstrong as he stepped foot on the Moon back in 1963. Apollo tells us in length the real-life story of the men who journeyed in the Apollo 11 to outer space for the first time, the dangers that they faced and the nerves that the original Apollo disaster had instilled in some of the crew.

And those fears are very much realised in a truly haunting page that shows us that fear and the aftermath of such a disaster that really stays with you. And that’s where this book truly succeeds in all aspects. As the story progresses forward, every so often it reminds the reader that this was real. This all happened, and although some of the visualisations are fictional, it’s entirely based in fact.


And it’s not just the men themselves that are given the spotlight in this retelling. The effect that the monumental event had on their families is also explored with delicate care. It’s obvious throughout how distressing it was, but when a brave face was required for television, the mask was pristine. Only when Janet Armstrong closes the door after an interview do we really see the full extent of her worries. And it’s done just with a single expression.

And that’s another part of this book that manages to succeed every single time, the artwork. Throughout the tale, the art brings history to life with visceral beauty, especially in the splash pages during the actual mission in Space. Mike Collins‘ work in this book is intricately fascinating, and his attention to detail is second to none. And on the other side, Matt Fitch and Chris Baker have done a superb job as this book adds an extra dimension of wonder and intrigue to the immortal tale of man’s first step on the Moon. It not only makes it feel fresh – but provides the reader with a whole new grasp of how pivotal this moment is in human history.

If Apollo has grabbed your interest (and it really should), read our interview with Matt + Chris about the creative process behind crafting the book. Let us know what you thought of Apollo on Twitter @HeroesDirect!

9.0 Fascinating

This book adds an extra dimension of intrigue and wonder to the immortal tale of man's first step on the Moon.

  • Art 9
  • Story 8.5
  • Fascination 10

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