All-Star Batman #4 is unforgiving.

This series might be crazily violent. We definitely saw that at the end of the previous issue. But it’s absolutely masterful – commanding the reader to be dragged along this violently captivating story that at it’s heart is about a lost friendship. The story itself is incredibly layered throughout all of it’s characters. With many of them being long-time Batman villains themselves, it’s full of familiar faces. And it’s also one of the few stories that shows Bruce to not be an invulnerable, omnipresent God either. We see just how human he really can be, and it’s an important reminder that he is incredibly flawed. But then again, all the best heroes are.

It’s visceral, it’s violent and it’s very entertaining. With Duke in tow, this story is constantly propelled forward by it’s constant need to keep on the road. And it barely stops to catch it’s breath. Even during the moments in which we get valuable insight into Bruce and Harvey’s friendship – it’s brilliantly fast-paced. All-Star Batman #4 doesn’t slow down. But it doesn’t trade the incredible action for lack of story either. The relationship that Two-Face and Harvey themselves have is an incredible dichotomy. They might be one person, but they’re two completely separate characters.

If you’ve ever been a fan of Bruce Wayne – All-Star Batman #4 is part of a story you should not be missing. Everything about this series is absolutely stellar. The writing, the art and the characters are all completely enthralling. It’s hard not to get wrapped up in the struggle between Bruce and Harvey. They both manipulate each other, they both strive to out manoeuvre the other in an attempt at escape – only to wind up in the same situation as before. It seems like it could become repetitive, but it just keeps the audience firmly in it’s grasp at all times. We’re completely head over heels for All-Star Batman.


9.7 Incredible

Violently visceral and incredibly well written.

  • Plot 9.5
  • Character Development 10
  • Harvey and Two-Face 9.6

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