All-Star Batman #2 carries on this brutally fast comic.

And we can’t help but love it. Everything about it is absolutely spot on. We can’t praise it enough. This isn’t just Batman at his best, but his villains too. They’re completely menacing and devilish. We love the weird dichotomy between Bats and Two-Face that truly shows them apart. Since they’ve got some character history behind them, there were places in time where they weren’t so dissimilar. However now they couldn’t be further apart. And we’re already beginning to see how irritable they’re becoming stuck with each other on this hellish road-trip.

Also, can we just take a moment to admire the artwork of John Romita Jr? It’s absolutely perfect. It’s one of the best looking comic books we’ve ever read. His signature style really shines out across the space of All-Star Batman #2 and it brutally beautiful. It doesn’t give you a moment to stop and pause for breath. It’s constantly moving, dodging and jumping out of danger. It flows perfectly. Some of his style choices are so visceral, he makes a conversation in a tunnel look visually compelling. No, seriously. Can someone get John Romita Jr to illustrate every comic ever, pretty please?

All-Star Batman #2

The issue boasts a whole host of characters that are genuinely intriguing. Even characters that aren’t even top-tier DC, they still manage to be an integral part of the story that drives this literal crazy train forward. Killer Croc, King Shark and Amygdala all make appearances throughout the introduction of the issue – and make for some great action sequences. All-Star Batman #2 is a true testament to The Dark Knight. Whilst the back half of the issue dedicates some well needed development to Duke’s character, it also showcases Victor Zsaz in a seriously demented way. But we’re glad that someone is finally giving us a little more story on Duke’s behalf, we feel like he’s been left out of recent Batman stories rather substantially.

Long story short, if you’re a Batman fan and you’re not reading All-Star Batman #2, why? Honestly, we couldn’t recommend this enough.


9.4 Incredible.

A true testament to The Dark Knight.

  • Action sequences 9.4
  • Plot 9.4
  • Art 9.5

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