Laura Kinney was created to be a weapon, but she escaped that life with the help of the man she was cloned from, the main who became her mentor: Logan, known as the Wolverine. Tragically, the original Wolverine has fallen, but Laura will live as his legacy as she fights for her better future.

Laura’s young clone Gabby recently moved in with her, and together they have come face-to-face with Old Man Logan – a man from an alternate future similar to the Logan Laura knew and loved. When Captain America arrived at Laura’s apartment, hoping to prevent one of Ulysses’ visions from coming to pass, the ensuing chaos led to the prophecy’s fulfillment, Old Man Logan, in a feral rage, impaled Gabby upon his claws.

We’ve grown fond of Laura and Gabby’s relationship over the course of this run, so seeing Logan impale her at the end of the last issue was unforgivable. In this issue, there’s only a small (and surprising) amount of action from Laura – we thought we’d see her lose her shit and go after Logan. Logan feels more of a beast than a human at this point, his feral state causes him to grunt instead of communicating his thoughts properly. We’d be surprised if anybody was on his side.

Laura goes all out on Cap, speaking in depth regarding the profiling of people and arresting them before they’ve done anything. She doesn’t think it’s humane, nor it should be happen, and that’s the bulk of the Civil War II tie-in. For what should be an emotional issue, it just felt like the writer crammed in too much dialogue regarding Civil War II and not enough about Gabby.

We’d love to see Laura interact with other Marvel heroes more, but because they’ve used Old Man Logan as her introduction into the war, it’s left us wondering what it could have been without him. Imagine Laura interacting with Carol Danvers, Kamala Khan, and Miles Morales – it’d be amazing. But still, this storyline has been great up until this point as it starts to slow down a bit.

6.8 Alright

Old Man Logan attacked Gabby, but how will Laura react?

  • Civil War II tie-in 5
  • Dialogue crammed in 4
  • Storyline 9
  • Artwork 9

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