Laura Kinney, also known as X-23, in the All-New Wolverine. Her, and her clone Gabby, have just met Old Man Logan from an alternate dimension. These three get on like three versions of Wolverine would, bickering and displaying a bit of tough love. The dynamics between the characters are great, as they’re like a strange, dysfunctional family in a sense.

This group, along with their pet wolverine Jonathan, are interrupted when two burglars make their way into Laura’s apartment. They just plainly laugh at the burglars and give them a chance to run away, in a cocky and hilarious fashion – only Wolverine would laugh in the face of armed criminals! Jonathan’s animal instincts cause him to attack and he finds himself shot, which leads to the Mutants swiftly taking care of the burglars and tying them up.

All-New Wolverine

The beginning of the issue comes in the form of Ulysses informing Captain Marvel of a dream including Logan, a young girl, and lots of blood. This is the tie-in to Civil War II – and when Laura calls Director Hill to collect the burglars, S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents are already on their way with Captain America to stop Logan before the inevitable happens.

The artwork in this comic is rugged, suiting Old Man Logan and his other-worldly clones perfectly. Each character is heavily expressive, you can even see the worry in the eyes of the burglars when they’re confronted! The colour palette is mostly dark, as it should be for a comic based on these characters, and it compliments the gritty storytelling well.

8.9 Awesome

It's ass-kicking time as Wolverine, Gabby, and Old Man Logan take on some burglars. How does Civil War II affect them all?

  • Family dynamic 10
  • Old Man Logan 9
  • Artwork 8.5
  • Civil War II tie-in 8

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