Currently, we live in a world where everything is compared to Black Mirror. But what we’re really trying to convey is that it reminds us of a vaguely familiar dystopian future using technology that has disastrous effects. Adventures in Science Vol.1 takes this concept and runs wild with it. Comprised of 13 stand-alone short stories, the compilation plunges the reader into numerous worlds that aren’t so dissimilar from our own. And whilst some of them are more grounded than others, the most common compelling aspect of each story isn’t the wild technology – but the humanity of it all. Adventures in Science is a sandbox for us to play in. One story, ‘Eye in the Sky’ (Art J Francis Totti. Words, Matt Fitch), asks us how we would we react in a world with an all-seeing eye, ensuring we act morally whilst offering swift fatal justice if we step out of line.

One reason why Science Fiction remains one of the most popular genres in the world, is the social commentary that it allows writers to engage in. And Adventures in Science does so with smooth expertise. One story critiques the current American Presidency (No More Secrets) whilst also offering up a futuristic analogue for the Kennedy assassination (Campaign 2079). It does what all good sci-fi is supposed to do, give us a situation we recognise and can empathise with, but with wider narrative details placing it amongst technology, a far flung future or in another sub-genre. ‘Vita Extensum’ (Art, Eli Powell. Words, Mark Lewis) riffs on Blade Runner and the Netflix series, Altered Carbon, to show us how the world could be affected if a method of immortality existed.

Some of these short stories are wild and outrageous, like the arrival of aliens in WWII – whereas others engage with the reader to invest their emotions in these characters, only to pull the rug out from underneath them in the next page in the best way possible.The book also has a nostalgic, Golden Age feel to it. If you’re a fan of comics like Black Hammer by Jeff Lemire, this will certainly keep you gripped. Time travel, monsters, body modification, political commentary and more, Adventures in Science Vol.1 has something for everyone no matter what your taste. If you’re a fan of Philip K. Dick, Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov or films like Blade Runner, Arrival and Children of Men – Adventures in Science is a selection of stories you should definitely be reading.

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9.5 Brilliant

With 13 different worlds to get lost in, this is a must-read for sci-fi fans.

  • Variety and writing of plots 9
  • Art styles 9.5
  • Culturally signifcant themes 10

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