This one-shot spins off from the main Revolution event going on over at IDW Publishing, and it’s pretty good. Ever wanted to see Action Man take on characters such as G.I. Joe and the guys from M.A.S.K.? This is for you.

The story is simple: Action Man has been sent to investigate G.I. Joe’s headquarters – it leads to some cool interactions between popular characters between different Joes and M.A.S.K. members. There’s plenty of puns – some of which fell flat – and they almost ruin the flow of the dialogue. We get that the issue is trying to be fun, though.

The artwork brings the action to life in a great manner, especially when the base is infiltrated. Seeing the title character take on the G.I.’s, admittedly, makes you want to see more, no matter how grown up you think you are. This character is our childhood, so it’s hard not to root for him! The art did seem a tad rushed at times, though the colours redeemed it as everything looked particularly smooth.

If you’re after the full Revolution experience, you won’t be disappointed. If you’re looking for a fun one-shot, you also won’t be disappointed. If you’re looking for an intellectual think-piece that offers mind-bending theories and complex storylines? Yep, you’ll be disappointed.

7.7 Fun

Ever wanted to see Action Man take on G.I. Joe? This Revolution one-shot by IDW Publishing is the one for you.

  • Action 9
  • Storyline 7
  • Artwork 7

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