This comic is filled with spirit and heart. This is summed up perfectly by the finishing their battle with Countess by using lyrics by Huey Lewis and the News. This is a great comic book and delivers plenty of classic Marvel Comic moments, but it’s the charm of this series that really sells it.

She-Hulk and Medusa share some chuckle-worthy banter in tense moments, highlighting the best of both characters by showing that they’ll work together despite never quite seeing eye-to-eye. The character dynamics and the interactions they share are all still entertaining and remain an engaging element, which is why Dazzler and Dazzler Thor work so well together, both comically and dramatically.


We don’t want to spoil the entire story, but the difference between the Thor Dazzler and A-Force Dazzler is remarkable. They’re the same person, but they’re so different. It’s a testament to great writing, they share common threads but never feel like a duplication of each other. Admittedly, Countess is a little two-dimensional in this issue but you can only spend so much time with a character – and the team are much more interesting than her so we can’t really complain. Countess will probably return, but possibly in a different light as to how we’ve seen her so far.

This is a solid comic book that we’d heavily recommend for you to read. Whether you like action, humour, or heart, A-Force caters to you. Hell, it’s just great to finally see a team full of females, and they’re all amazing in their own right. The plot hasn’t played into Civil War II yet, but the next issue promises some sort of integration, which is to be expected since Captain Marvel is a big element in both comics.

The artwork… Wow. If you can make She-Hulk seem powerful when fighting somebody over 100 times bigger than her, then you know you’ve done a good job. The panels are fluid, almost blending together, to allow the characters smooth movement through the story. We could see this comic book adapted into an animated series easily. The colours help to set the tone for each part of the story, and each character stands out at any given point.

9.0 A-Mazing

A-Force take on the Countess, but can they save Nico? Either way, they're about to get involved with Civil War II.

  • Artwork 9
  • Storyline 9.5
  • Heart 8.5
  • Civil War II potential 9

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